What Color Palette Best Fits You?

Color Pallette


Planning a wedding is a long process that has the best result possible, marrying the love of your life. Weddings have many components: flowers, food, dresses, and decorations, and more. One thing that is central to all of these is your weddings colors. Depending on the time of year, different colors are popular and they change every year. The most important thing is that you have fun at your wedding and the wedding reflects who you and your fiancé are. So here are a few tips when choosing your colors:

  1. Take Note of Your Venue

If you already have your venue picked, look to see what colors are already there. If your venue has peach walls, your colors may clash with the wall and ruin the effect you were going for.

  1. Decide on Your Colors Early

As you get closer to the big day and are finalizing your rentals, certain colors may become unavailable. The earlier you decide on your colors, the easier it will be to find everything you need in the colors you want.

  1. Use Contrasting Colorspurple and orange wedding

By using contrasting colors you add dimension and avoid having everything blend together. So instead of using light pink and white as your colors, try a light pink and a light brown color. This contrast will allow your wedding to pop.  Here is a great example on Wedding wire.

  1. Will these Colors Look Good on My Bridesmaids?

God bless the bridesmaids. The old clique is that bridesmaids’ dresses are always ugly. Let’s try not to do this. Consider your bridesmaids when you choose your colors, and don’t think “will this make my bridesmaids look bad” but instead “will this make my friends look good”. They are here to help you celebrate one of the most important days of your life, so be kind.

With every season there are different seasons that have more popular colors. However, thanks to fashion shows in New York and LA, we have overarching colors that are good the whole year round. For 2014 soft colors such as pinks, whites, and creams were popular. In 2015 mono-chromatic and jewel colors were the heavy hitters in the wedding industry. For 2016, metallic colors such as gold, copper, and silver are the top dogs. Elegant Wedding Invites has some great color palettes to check out!Plum and Gray

When deciding on your colors don’t only think about what’s trendy or fashionable, but look at colors that express you and your fiance’s personalities.  After all, it IS all about YOU!  More Information can be found on Magnetstreet.com or check out out compilation on Pinterest!

Welcome to wedding season, it’s going to be one colorful ride.

Written By: Lindsey Hess  Edited By Rebecca Brown


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